I can only be happy if I decide to be happy

One of the best and practical principles of Zen is that you can only be happy if you yourself decide to be happy. Its actually a personal decision. There are no external factors. I love it because its very frugal and easy on the wallet. I no longer need to buy that YSL wallet. I […]

Minimalism: The problem with happiness never lasting

I started my minimalism journey after I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He said that you should buy assets first, then luxuries afterward. In my current state of financial affairs, I still had a long way to go before I could be in a place that I considered enough to warrant luxuries. So I continued […]

Stop being obsessed with working out (Life during recovery)

In the beginning when I decided to get my period back, and did research, one of the hard things that I had to overcome was my addiction to working out. I “loved” , rather obsessed over, going for a daily run. How could I give it up? I decided to go cold turkey. I knew […]

Use simplicity to create beauty

So I was experiencing a dry spell. I was turning out youtube videos like a pro. Making vlogs and making how to videos and I just felt so drunk on my success. Then all of sudden, all the self doubt I had kept at bay, gushed in and I thought to myself, omg, what am […]

Going through a Maximalist Phase

I spent about 2 years going through minimalism, seeing how far I could go in terms of how little I bought, owned, used. There were times when I took it too far (eg see my youtube video about my purse being a plastic bag),  that I finally found a zone that I feel I have […]

Fake it till you make it

I have enough videos on youtube to call myself a youtuber lol (This shirt speaks truth)  I recently watched a video made by Amber Scholls and she cheerfully told the camera to fake it till you make it. I felt that really resonated with me. There are many times that I thought I couldn’t do […]

The Laws of Manifestation

(Treating myself to non cluttering things, like getting a Matcha latte or getting gold marble nails!)  I came across this principle of manifestation in the book “You are a badass”. The idea is that the universe is always providing regardless of good or bad. Anything you want, you can manifest into reality. This literally blew […]