I struggle with wanting to eat more and fear of “getting fat”

One of the harder things of recovery is my struggle with wanting to keeping eating more. I already put on weight for the sake of my period. So I’m still making my peace with my current body. To gain more weight, that feels like this unknown land, and I’m afraid to go there. I’ve been […]

Ketogenic diet and recovery?

One of the key components of my recovery was eating carbs again. The reason I had stopped eating carbs was after I discovered fasting and how a ketogenic diet paired with it nicely.So I started to eat bread and rice now. Refined carbs, I suppose, since I still always had eaten veggies and sweet potato. […]

Does Working Out mean you’re relapsing?

Does Working Out mean you’re relapsing? This was a big question I faced after I got better. I was 20 lbs heavier. I had made my peace with my new thicker body. Even was wearing my new bigger clothes. And I felt happy with the fat. But I did feel bored and antsy without a […]

Loving Your Body During Weight Gain

This is one of the core struggles, I think, of recovery. I mean, the whole point of an ED, was it was a tool to stay thin or create control and comfort. The reason for wanting to be thin, is different for different people, obviously. And as such, accepting or loving one’s body at a […]

Discipline will set you free

I got this idea from all the French diet books I had read in the past. I know what you’re thinking, I’m currently recovering from an eating disorder and it’s like, “Why the hell are you reading diet books?” The thing is, the French eat EVERYTHING. I came from a very restrictive eating background. I […]

I’m not afraid to eat junk food (Life during recovery)

I went through recovery about two months ago from my eating disorder. I won’t go into the details of my E.D here, I’ll save that for another post. I’m just here to talk about how I got over my fear of eating “junk food” or carbs, and meat. Everyone E.D is different but it’s a […]

I was wrong about “No-Makeup” March

If you follow my youtube channel (@Mignon Cobra) you might have watched two years ago, I did a March No-Makeup. I went on my high horse and went on and on about how I don’t “need” makeup to be beautiful, that I should let my natural beauty shine through. Hm. That’s great. I also had […]