I was wrong about “No-Makeup” March

If you follow my youtube channel (@Mignon Cobra) you might have watched two years ago, I did a March No-Makeup.

I went on my high horse and went on and on about how I don’t “need” makeup to be beautiful, that I should let my natural beauty shine through.

Hm. That’s great.

I also had really great clear skin. It’s so easy for me to have said stupid shit like that.

So what changed? Well, in my quest for perfection, I wanted to be skinny too. So I shot my metabolism and fucked up my hormones trying to get really thin. I lost my period.

That went on for about over a year. Maybe even 2 years, I’m ashamed to admit.

Then I finally decided, enough is enough. Even when I was thin, nothing changed. I still have good days and bad days. My life didn’t blow up in an awesome way. What did I think was gonna happen? My social media was gonna blow up?

I was forced to address the demons of my past. Long story, short. I had to regain the weight back to get my period back.

Such a long time without female hormones meant when I got them back, some of the other side effects was an overload of oil and sebum production.

I got the worse acne I’ve ever had. I’ve never had acne before, not even as a teenager or in my 20s.

SO clear skin had become a part of my identity. I didn’t feel like walking around with bad skin. Even though it was a sign my hormones were getting better and balanced.

Foundation was a powerful tool. I could put it on and not feel self conscious.

This is where I found, I was wrong about “March No-Makeup.” It’s easy to talk big shit when everything’s good. Of course it’s easy to shun makeup if your skin is good.

I had never suffered acne, so how could I understand the pain of someone who used makeup to just feel “normal”, “feel good”?

It takes deep inner strength to walk around with bad skin. I humbly bow my head to these people. I can admit my ignorance and stupidly by my video.

I even made a video that I said, clear skin is what you eat. How stupid of me. I still eat very healthy and clean. And my skin is still all hormone and painful from my returning period. Eating clean isn’t the only component.

So I want to say I’m sorry. I was wrong. Makeup is just a tool, whether to make a person feel better in their skin, or just an entertainment tool. There is no shame in using it.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.


Mignon Cobra


1028 Visual Therapy “Hold-It” Full Cover Natural Matte

I picked mine up in Watson, Taipei, Taiwan. Got it on sale for 361 Taiwanese dollars.

I swear by all 1028 products. They are designed by a Taiwanese makeup artist. He always models his products after product high end products without the price tag.

I’m like, okay, a new foundation, I’m down. Take my money. I’m a minimalist and I’m also super frugal. I want to pay for the solid good quality shit, for a fraction of the price.

For example, when I was young and naive, I used to dish out 20 Canadian dollars for a M.A.C lipstick. I owned like 6 in total in my lifestyle, before I smarted the fuck up lol. I realized, the 2 dollar Maybelline lipstick is just as good, if not better.

How did I figure this out? I lived in China and I didn’t want to buy weird off Chinese brand makeup. I wanted a western brand. Foreign makeup has a huge tax on it if it enters China. A Maybelline lipstick costs 20 Canadian.

So I bought some Chinese makeup. It cost like 10 rmb. It sucked. SO I bought Maybelline in China. Expensive, I know…..BUT, the lesson I learned? Using it felt like butter.

So when I went back to Canada on holiday, I realized how amazing drugstore western brands are and for pennies!!!

SO I don’t mess with luxury brands. Drugstore stuff already feels like a luxury to me. Actually, any makeup feels like a luxury (I didn’t wear makeup for 2 years in my more radical minimalism phase).

Back to the story. 1028 is my holy grail of drugstore brand in Taiwan. It’s actually my favorite brand, actually. Most of my makeup is 1028. It’s also Vegan and cruelty free, if you’re wondering. That was great for me when I used to be a vegan.

Anyway. Right to the review.

My skin type:
Oily combination, in the T-zone.

Shade: 01 Ivory. I

t’s true to shade. I tested the other two shades. I bought it on my jaw line and went outside the store to see it in the sun. Here’s some pics.

First Pic: 03 shade (too dark)

2nd pic: 01 shade (just right)

If you wonder what’s my other color match, I’m a No. 21 at Missha, La Neige and No.4 in Ysl.

How long does it last?

It holds the entire day. Doesn’t separate by the end of the day. I’ve tried without setting powder and with. Both are fine. It’s a higher cover, which is what I need, cuz I’m going through hormonal acne (due to getting my period back after an E.D).

It’s not sheer at all. It’s like the name says, a thick foundation, full cover. It’s more on the Matt side.It’s not a shine or glow type like the Korean cushions. Not as Matt as the Charlotte Tilbury, but more like…it looks like you’re wearing makeup. You do not have the see-through glow of a more sheer foundation, bb creme, or cc cream.

It’s not as good at canceling redness though, and if you have textured skin (as I do on my forehead due to some painful zits), it will really show. It highlights all the uneven skin. It makes zits look bigger.

But! If you just have discoloration, this color covers it all and makes it looks like skin color, so that’s really good.

How to put it. If your skin is medium severe, this will make it look like you have decent skin (not great or amazing like some other products might do). In the areas where the skin is more clear, it looks blend more seamlessly. Obviously, it’s a smoother canvas.

That being said, a lighter hand makes the product blend better. I would def not recommend adding a second layer or building it up, it’s already full coverage, it will def be a cake-face type of situation.

30ml/ 1.01 fl.oz. It’s a very afforable product, so the amount not being a lot for being a foundation bottle, I don’t mind it.

Not much smell, to be honest.

361 Taiwanese dollars, which is 15 Canadian. Not like, very cheaper. It just afforable. The most expensive I ever bought was YSL, at 68 Canadian. So I think the quality matches the price point. I’ve had worse. I used a Revlon bb creme and the stuff just would like peel in little balls off my face. In comparison to that, this stuff is really good.

It’s full coverage which can be a blessing but you gotta use a light hand or it will cake up. Which can be good for saving product since you need less lol

Final Thoughts:
So I recommend this for medium level acne or discoloration. It will cover it up, but if you have good skin or on the other end of the spectrum, very textured skin, this might seem kinda cakey.

I give it a 3/5. It’s a perfect color match, so that makes it really good. It lasts all day, which is really good. It didn’t crease or break down as the day goes. The price is really good, and the quality is right there. So do I recommend anyone buy it? Yes, I do. I like it a lot. As my skin has gotten better, I really do enjoy how more even it looks on my skin. I like matte foundations because I’m combo oily skin. Def a buy.

Clio Kill Cover Founder Cushion XP (3-BY Linen) Review

I picked this up at Watsons in Taipei, Taiwan. It was on sale, got it for 750 Taiwanese dollars. It’s like 31 Canadian. I checked the Korean price. The same. Yay.

This one is the limited edition of the “simply pink” series. God, I love anything limited edition. I never buy the regular stuff, just the limited edition stuff lol It’s pink and sooooo pretty!

I was debating between a foundation or a cushion. I prefer cushions (even though it’s less grams / dollar) because I can wear it around and I hate cleaning the beauty blenders but never the cushion puffs. I’m so weird. I also love how easier it is to store the cushion.

So I have never tried anything from Clio , or the Kill Cover line. I’ve watched a bunch of reviews on youtube though. So I was like, okay, it has amazing reviews. Let’s try it.

Cushions that I have used in the past are the Missha (No. 21), La Neige (No. 21), Ysl (shade 40). I looked up the shades. There are three shades, and 3-BY is in the middle.

Bought it, and tried it (lol risky, right?). It comes with a refill. My skin type is oily combination. I have some hormonal acne on my chin and forehead due to getting over my eating disorder and getting my period back. So it’s lumpy there with redness, but the coverage was amazing.

I’m a minimalist, so let’s keep it simple. It’s amazing. Def a re-buy.

-smells really good. Like a light, ampoule smell.
– cover is amazing. Buildable. (Note: 2 layers looks more on the cake side).
– lasts ALL day
– aesthetics is amazing. It’s pink. I love it!!
– puff is really good. Less spongy (less wasting of product) than innissfree.
– great color match to my skin
– no creasing
– the shine is a healthy foundation glow. Not very Matt though, like the packaging says. It’s like a semi-mart. Still really nice.
-comes with a re-fill
-color is a true to skin color. Nothing ashy like what bb creams used to be in the early 2000’s
-it’s sooo affordable, compared to other cushions. I love it’s a mid point price but the pay off is amazing!
– the sponge for the foundation is the right size of holes. If it’s too big or small, I don’t like how the product goes to waste.
-it canceled the redness of my hormonal acne.

– not too Matt. More of a shine. Can be bad if you have or don’t like an oilier look.
– can quickly build to a cakey look cuz it is more on the full coverage side. It’s not sheer like other cushions

Rating? 4.5/5

It’s really, really good. It’s on the same level as La neige and YSL in my opinion. Much better than Missha. And it’s really affordable! I love, love, love it. Any downside? If you don’t like high coverage cuz it can get cake if you don’t use a light hand. I’m really picky about foundation and this one, looks AMAZING! No regrets at all! ^_^


Mignon Cobra

Didn’t go shopping on the holidays

Usually during the summer holidays or winter break, I take a break from my anti-consumerism ways.I buy a couple of new clothes (like 2-3 items), some face masks (for beauty’s sake) and a bit of makeup (I can’t find makeup I like or want in China). And I’d go ham on buying snacks that I love in Taiwan. Taiwan is the best place in the world for food.I usually justify it by thinking “It’s okay, I hardly even buy anything during the year.” Which is true, I don’t.But this summer, I decided to go a bit more hardcore. I slashed that amount in half. Honestly, I came back with even less than I went to Taiwan with. I brought with me my shampoo (instead of replenishing a new bottle), I used up my makeup remover cotton pads, finished off my sanitary pads, decluttered two (or three, I forgot) shirts, and bought no snacks. None. I also didn’t order any milkteas to go.When I first read Marie Kondo’s book, she said at the end, her clients also lost weight after decluttering. It also had happened to me. It’s partly due to the mindset. Less consumption of stuff, of food etc. So your amount of stuff leans out, so does your body. Maybe cuz you also got more time and energy to eat better and work out, instead of drowning in your stuff.Regardless, this is the least amount of physical body weight I ever gained. I just didn’t feel like over consuming. Why?I just felt like, what I have is enough. And I felt excited to finish off the products I have. I was already enjoying myself (because I can acutely remember what it was like when I wasn’t alone any products at all during my extreme minimalist phase).In the past, I felt afraid to not go crazy in Taiwan. I felt I would regret, that I would be missing out.Instead, last time, I regretted not having spent more time in nature. So this time around, I went to hot springs more. I walked more in Taiwan. I also sat in the balcony at night, and I stared at the stars. I felt at ease and that was all I needed.It wasn’t the same gratifying feeling that shopping gives, or eating till one is stuffed with delicious food you eat on vacay, but this was a nice, warm cozy feeling. And it was nice to experience something new. Even such a soft and gentle, almost zen feeling.So that’s why I didn’t buy go shopping during the holidays.CheersMignon Cobra

If you like minimalism, try Stoicism…

I started my bad-ass journey, with striving for a less luxurious lifestyle with minimalism. It was mostly due to reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and I decided, I was going to just stop buying useless shit.

So without new shit coming into my life, I pretty much just became a minimalist.

So I did that for like, 4…going on 5 years. Fun stuff. I was forced to grow and mature since I couldn’t use consumerism to cover up any of my insecurities.

Okay, so another benefit of being a minimalist (rather, anti-consumerist), is that I save a f*ck ton of money.

What does one do with all this money, if one cannot buy material goods? I kinda went into the realm of “treating myself” to non material luxuries, like, getting milktea from the tea shop, after every meal. That’s two a day.Or eating at the restautrant every day.

And I kinda felt, guilty and not guilty at the same time? I felt like, maybe this is a bit overboard? But I felt justified because, if I didn’t even buy random crap, and I can’t go out to eat, what the hell good is my money, I can’t even use any of it!

Enter stoicism. I got this idea of mr. Money-stash. He’s like, this crazy Canadian (yay! Fellow Canadian) who saved so much money that he retired at 30.

I was like, he did it! And he wasn’t all about the stupid Rich Dad, Poor Dad idea of “go out and hustle and make a ton of money”. Mr. MM did it by SAVING what he made. I mean, logically, it’s way more practical. If you already made the money, ….why not just save it? Keep doing this, and before you know it, you’ve saved a lot of money.

So what does this have to do with stoicism? It’s the opposite of hedonism. The more pleasure you indulge in, it becomes your baseline and you need a harder shot to get the same level of happiness.

So if having a coffee once in a while made you happy, drinking every day just makes it feel like “meh”, after awhile. So you need something better to up the happiness factor. You gotta top it off with whip cream and throw in a muffin. And then you’ll baseline again…and you’ll need a harder hit.

So, how to solve this? It’s to go in reverse. Stop having daily coffee and now, your baseline is no-coffee. So when you do have one, like, once in a while, it’s a peak from your baseline and then you get happiness. It’s a cheaper and easier to hack happiness than keeping getting harder pleasure hits. The other way is more expensive, unhealthier and there’s only so much pleasure you can do, before you go numb and nothing is enough.

So in simple terms, stoicism is the idea that…there’s pleasure to be had in life’s hardships. This isn’t a new concept but isn’t exactly a common or popular idea, especially with the millennial, who will still buy daily coffee even though they know it’s costing them millions in their lifetime.

So what does this mean for me? I started to do things I didn’t wanna do before and the harder and less fun it is, but knowing it’s turning me into a badass, I just yell out in glee “Stoicism!”.

No hot water in the dorms for the weekend? STOICISM! (proceed to shower in cold water. When the hot water returns on the weekday, it feels like such a luxury).

No more getting milktea after lunch? STOICISM! (when I do have one on my birthday, it’s a total luxury! And I’m saving money and getting skinner).

I think you get the point. Try it. It’s a mental game changer.


Mignon Cobra

Makeup and Minimalism 2019

When I first started my minimalism journey about 4 years ago, the first thing I tackled was all my makeup.

It wasn’t a lot. Perhaps just two items of each category. And I took out my anti-consumerism wrath on my makeup. My poor makeup. I showed no mercy.

I even did the March No-Makeup, that ended up in almost 1 year of no makeup.

So how do I feel about it now?

I can safely say as someone who had decluttered all of their makeup, craved it but didn’t let myself wear it because I was boycotting it, I really do enjoy makeup.

I’ll make things clear first. I like makeup because it gives me a hobby outside of “being healthy”. There’s only so much “working-out” and “eating clean” can go before you take it too far and the obsession starts to fuck with your mind.

I lost my period, I developed an eating disorder, I was afraid to eat any food with calories more than 50, and rest days from the gym were for the weak.

There was nothing else to do in my dull life. I turned to mediation. I felt empty and dull. Something was wrong. To fill in the void, I turned to eating “delicious” food. I ate all that crappy shit I never would have looked at twice before my minimalism journey. I was was just living this dull empty “minimalistic” world. That’s not how minimalism should be used.

I subtracted all the fun useless stuff like makeup, getting dressed up, and lived like a monk. I thought that’s where happiness lied.

Wrong. Even now, as I did more research, monks tell new monks, that obsession with mediation and the nothingness is nothing to be admired. They must seek their own personal balance.

So I brought back makeup into my life. The light and joy came back. And after no makeup at all, I can tell you, even just putting on foundation feels like a really big treat. It’s just a different in perspective.

I tried other non-consumerism hobbies such as going out in nature. I enjoyed it but I still felt a bit empty. Like I didn’t feel all that fulfilled. Even doing Instagram or editing videos didn’t fill the void.

So like I always preached in my videos. If it called your soul, even after you decluttered it, simply bring it back into your life.

I do kick myself when I think about the new unopened foundation that I “decluttered”. I promised myself after that, I will never declutter make up again. First, I must think long and hard before I buy a product, because I cannot buy new stuff until I complete use it up.

That’s my new rule for my makeup lifestyle. Very little, it must be affordable (no luxury makeup. Economically, doesn’t make sense), must finish it, cannot declutter it and no new makeup until one is done.

I hope that helps out anyone with their makeup and minimalism struggle. No need to be a radical. Minimalism is just a tool. Use what works for you and leave what doesn’t for someone who does.


Mignon Cobra

Bottom Heavy Girls: Top 4 Tips for losing Saddle bags

I have the typical Latina body type, with the tiny waist and that big phat Jlo butt haha. When I was in grade 8, all my white classemates still had no butts or breasts and I was walking around awkwardly with this giant hips and full butt that rivalled a pair of double FF breasts. I got teased (more like bullied) like being called Fat Ass (insert last name that rhymed with ass). Awful!

Needless to say, from there, I developed an obsession with reducing my butt size and getting rid of my saddle bags. I know, you’re suppose to love your body as is, but I’m sorry, at 5’3 and size 10 pants, I looked like a midget pear. I did not feel sexy or attractive in my body. I felt embarrassed by how distortional my body looked. I know this came from having no education in nutrition what so ever. I used to use live journal to read tips on how to lose weight. Lots were crazy like, sit in your bathtub in ice water with ice cubes for like 1 hour, or only eat 1 apple per day.

None of that is healthy! Years later I learned that it’s about eating right and WORKING OUT!

From a bottom heavy girl to another, here are my tips to shape and burn fat in those problem areas.

I don’t know exactly what the science is behind it, but I found when I was vegetarian in high school, I was able to achieve my largest weight loss, dropping from 130 lbs to 115 lbs. If you want to lose the saddle bags, you need to lose over-all weight. I know, shitty, but this is solid advice from other bloggers say and I swear by it too. My saddle bags used to be so noticeable, my friends always said I had a bubble butt. Now, if I mention it, people are like…what saddle bags? ohh, that little fat on ur legs…right…

I largely attribute this to no meat. I went back on meat in university and I went back up like 10 lbs. So yah, maybe meat might have had something to do with it.

I started my weight loss journey by running for 1 hour on the local track. I heard runners get slim legs. Perfect!

Wrongggg. All I did was get really thin front leg muscles and I still had a saggy butt and protruding saddle bags. Now I looked like a muffin walking on toothpicks with water balloons attached to the side for decoration.

Later I discovered, doing weights is key to reducing saddle bags, which brings us to the next point.

You got saddle bags because you got fat from your butt pushing down on your back legs, causing fat to store below the area on your leg that the butt presses on. So if you lift your butt, you lift away pressure on the back legs and your saddle bags. So you need to get a smaller butt first!

In addition, a smaller firmer, stronger butt helps you to have the muscles to move onto the next work out. (and I guarantee you that you will actually develop that cute little indent that fitness ladies have. I never ever imagined that I could gain that, but I unexpectedly did. If I can, so can you).

This work out really helped push me down from between size 4-6, down to a solid 4 and sometimes size 2 one summer.

The marble bikini is my current body. I had previous before pics but I deleted them because I was too embarassed.  If I find some, I’ll edit and post them.

I’m like a size 4 at h&m and size 27 in other shops, if that helps. 

I know maybe you see mostly men at the gym doing this so you think it’s not for women, but my god, it was a GAME CHANGER. If you do nothing else, just do deadlifts and squats. Screw the treadmill, just do squats and deadlifts.

I went from having two large fat masses hanging over my legs to, legit,  to something that resembled a normal butt. It was so exciting!

Disclaimer, I’m a dental student, not a doctor. So make sure you talk to your doctor your weight management. I recommend this as I did this myself. I read that lots of people’s weight problems were hormonal so I went to see a doctor about my thyroid. He checked it and saw nothing wrong with it. And when I was low on energy, my doctor recommended iron pills. So see a doctor about your health first!

Second, I feel I can speak from experience because I did the cardio game and restrictive diet for suchhh a long friggin time, I’m talking like (grade 11 to age 25) 10 years…and no results!! This went on until like…2 years ago when my boyfriend hear my complain about my back legs and recommended that I do some squats, that it might help my legs and lift my butt.

God bless that man’s soul. Squats were a game changer. Just like that, a couple of time doing this work out changed what 10 years of cardio couldn’t.
Also I told a friend about my saddle bags. She told me, I gotta do deadlifts, that’s how you work out your back legs. AMAZING!

So like, I wish someone had shared this with me and now I want to share this with others whom might have had a similar experience!

Thank you for reading and let me know any other tips or if these tips work for you!


Mignon Cobra

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Digital Declutter

What is it?

It’s all those double pictures, pictures of uninspiring things, pictures of notes to remind yourself, too many selfies, too many pictures of your dog in the same location, same pose, it’s just too much media clutter on your phone.

What to do about it?

Just like we spring clean our closet, we can spring clean our phones.

How to start?

I know it can be daunting. If you already have folders, attack the folder with the smallest amount of pictures to help get you started.

Start by deleting any duplicates.

What’s next?

Get go back and get rid of uninspiring pictures, like an accidentally picture of the under side of your chin.

Get finally go back and comb through pictures that if you never saw again, you wouldn’t mind. For example, a picture of a pair of shoes you thought about buying but never did. A picture of that quick meal you took to post on Instagram. That selfie you sent to your boyfriend, 10 months ago. The photos that already served a function, you can do away with.

How do you know you are done?

You should be left with all the pictures that inspire you and bring happy memories. The rest of the clutter are gone. And now it’s like you got a fresh new start!

Let me know if you can appreciate the digital declutter process. Also, don’t forget this process can be applied to your computer, laptop, digital camera or any other place that has images stored.


Mignon Cobra

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Why I stopped Project Pan Entirely

I just decided to do away with my makeup entirely. I thought initially, I wanted to “use up my makeup” , in my mind, I thought that once I finished up my makeup, I would be free. But I hadn’t realized I was feeling constraint and stressed trying to finish makeup, rather than enjoying it. 
So I just said, Fuck it.

Now I have more time, more ENGERY to do more important things. Like, I finally had energy to FLOSS my damn teeth.

For example, after I got home and took off my makeup via wiping off with a cotton pad, then I still had to go wash my face and then wash it again. And then I could brush my teeth. Honestly, by then I’d just give it a final scrub and call it day. I’d be like, screw flossing. I’m in dental school, what the hell! lol

I learned from previous experience with minimalism, not to throw it away. I just shoved it all into a bag and put it away in my closet. out of sight and out of mind.

I wasn’t even going to bother, sorting through, what I wanted to keep or do away it. I just decided the entirely of it all was taking up my time.

I wasn’t going to waste even MORE time sorting it out. I made a decision and that was that.

I made a post on the benefits of not wearing makeup.

Honestly, not wearing makeup as greatly improved the following three areas of my life:

My mental health

Its the small things I never noticed. I used to be stressed how I would do my day. Like, how much studying I had to get done or work out before I had to rush to shower to put on makeup before putting on makeup would be too late in the day. That’s so useless! So damn stressful!

I am not stressed out anymore. When 2pm or 3pm hits, I feel fine. I’m not, omg I need to shower and put on makeup.
And honestly, I felt exhausted after I would finish 40 mins of doing my makeup. I don’t have anymore.

My blog

Besides giving me content to write about, I have more mental energy to actually write things down. In addition, I have more mental resources to think of other stuff than just painting my face. I can think about my health, or keeping the house clean, or just enjoying youtube or getting ideas to inspire me to write! I gain nothing by staring at my face for 30-40 minutes in terms for material for writing my blog.

My working out
Now that I don’t have to paint my face, I can use the time to just get workouts done. I don’t need to take off my makeup to work out. I can just hop on the treadmill and run. I can just pick up the weights and sweat out a work out. And it feels so amazing! No amount of makeup looks as good as my fit body.

Those are three areas that my life greatly improved once I did away with makeup project pan!


Mignon Cobra

Less Is More: Live A Rich Life

Let’s just get right into it. How to strip away excess or things that hold you back, to reveal what’s really important to you and how to get at living a rich life!

Think and say things into existence
All ideas came into existence came from nothing. Someone had to think the thought before it was transformed into something more tangible. The light bulb didn’t just magically poof into existence. Someone had to think it up.
So you need to think things into existence. If you think it, it can be done.

Opportunities exist and you just got to keep your eyes and heart open to them. Most of them come to you unexpectedly. For example, I knew I wanted medical school. But I never imagined an alternative route would mean going to China. My bf brought me the idea when I was still in teacher’s college. I could stick with what I had or jump ship and chase my dreams. And I jumped blindly with faith. Best decision ever. I stripped away a current career choice for one I secretly still wanted.

(Off to China I go!) 

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Most people think if you don’t to medical school locally, is that you go to the Caribbean. Like, that’s it. Either local school or you go to tropics. But the Caribbeans is quickly becoming saturated.
So when my bf suggested we go abroad, I saw an opportunity that wasn’t commonly known to others. Medical school in China is also OSAP funded, Canadian recognized and also 1/10th the price of local medical school. No one I knew had done it before but it didn’t mean it couldn’t be done.
I’m going to med school in China, while it’s still cheap and easy to get into. When I tell people, people say “Oh shit, no way! I didn’t even know that was a thing!”
You must stay ahead of the curve. 

People you meet
You are the average of the 5 people around you.  So if you chill with complacent, non-ambitious individuals, guess what? Most likely, you will be too!
You want to seek out people who are working hard on their dreams. They will motivate you, actually have money to help you out, and have solid advice to share.
In addition, if you have a bunch of friends and none of them have a quality relationships with you, you got an abundance of useless connections. Get rid of them and focus on a few but quality friendships.

(my crew. Literally my bf and our classmate)  

Get educated
Knowledge is power. What you put in your head can’t be taken away. It’s one of your greatest asset. At the top paying board meetings, people are getting together to discuss and brainstorm ideas. That’s worth so much more than the technical skills. So get on growing your knowledge whether it be with formal school, or informal training.   Being a nerd makes you worth money. But keep it practical. Being filled with useless knowledge makes you no better than an encyclopedia. It’s what you use your knowledge for is what makes it worth the money.
For example,  in university, I had so much more book smart classmates than I, but they didn’t use that knowledge for anything else. Rather, they finished school and just went to work at Starbucks for minimum wage. Bummer.
And I know another friend who used to work in aerospace engineering but he used his knowledge to help develop new bolts for his family’s yacht company. It’s about how you use your knowledge to situations unrelated. It’s called creativity.
Another example, people waste time and money on social gossip, such as celebrity news. Cut that out and focus on bettering yourself. Pick up a self-help book instead of another celebrity magazine.

(Learning to learn. In my future dental office) 


Need big balls
It’s not the smart but the bold who get ahead. You need courage to do anything worth while. You need to work hard but efficiently. You need to really hungry. You need to do away with a comfortable and lavish life for the first couple of years. It’s not about being insatiable but it’s about not sitting on your ass.
For example, you want to start up your own brand, but you need to hustle and put our quality content to get yourself recognized.

(Cheesy Line: The sky is my new point of view)

Maybe you fill your day with all that work from the office or all the small errands you need to do, such as wash the sink. But are your putting in time for your passions, your hobbies?
Prioritize, cut where you can and focus on working on your dreams. You will need all the strength you can in order to actually focus your attentions on what matter, rather than settling for mediocrity such as spending a weekend cleaning the house, when you could be out there chasing your dreams.

(Come along, let’s travel and chase our dreams together!) 

Your attitude and principles
You need to think you are a winner. You need to believe you can do it. You need to have strategies in place to keep you motivated. You need to have stress management techniques to combat the self-doubt, because it does and it will come but you need to rise above it.
You gotta declutter all those negative and false beliefs you spent your whole life accumulating. eg, For myself, I had to fight the thoughts that said “You are too fat for youtube” and instead thought “You are pretty enough to work in social media”.”You are smart enough for that job”. “You are out-going enough to do this, and do that.”
If you want for the dragon to come to you, it will destroy you but if you go to the dragon first, you will be triumphant.

(Do your makeup, doll up, do what you gotta do to feel like the champion you are!) 

Lots of self-help books tell you to look your best, or fake it till you make it. I believe you need to find a balance. Don’t look like a bum, but don’t focus on all show. As the saying goes “Don’t show off, show up.”
To do your best, you gotta look your best. I recommend focusing on working out your body. This looks so much better than any attire you can dream up.

(Getting my beauty tool game on. Old pic, before I decided I’m beautiful without makeup)

Overcoming excuses
You can think of any reason not to do something. But by that same coin, you can think of any reason TO do it!
So you gotta put together all the reasons why you SHOULD, rather than focusing on why you can’t.
That’s called doing it now, rather than waiting for perfect conditions. It won’t ever happen. You just gotta do it now!

If you have an idea of what you want but no idea how to get there, don’t bother re-inventing the wheel. Find someone who’s already done it and walk in their footsteps.
Don’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure it out yourself, when there’s a wealth of information out there. Do your research,  and/or find a mentor.

(My biggest mentors. My bf and my mom)

Envious of the Jones
With the use of social media, we can now go from envious of our neighbours to directly envious of the rich and famous.
Get over it.
Material things do not bring happiness, so lusting after the new car, the large house or luxury items isn’t going to make you feel any better, so why waste precious time and energy on it? In addition, there will always be someone ahead of you and behind you, so the only person you should be comparing to is yourself. Try to better yourself, and not just by a measure of material accumulation. Improve yourself intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

(What I sometimes feel society wants me to lust after. Sometimes it works lol But not today!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to this image)

Your level of happiness is pretty much set
Psychology research has shown, regardless of income beyond the poverty line, your level of happiness is pretty stable. You might get a spike of happiness once you get new things but generally speaking you get used to it, so new toys won’t make you happy permanently. You are better off investing in yourself, or spending the money on memories. Enriching yourself does actually make you happier.

(Time spent with friends)

Rich’s vs poor’s focus
Rich focus on making money, poor focus on saving money. So instead of settling for the job you have, and trying to make yourself fit your life style into it, get out there and make more money! And use the money to better your quality of life, not on accumulation of material things. So invest in education, adventures, memories, improving the lives of those you care about. Not another iphone.

Break it down
If you have an idea of what you want, but you are overwhelmed by how big it is, you should break it down into doable steps. For example, you want to get fit. Don’t just write, hit the gym, eat less, drink water. Break it down into
Gym – Tues Monday, 30 mins on treadmill.
Food – 500 grams of protein (eggs and beef), 700 grams of veggies (spinach, lettuce),
Water – 1L water / day.

(Don’t forget to exercise!)

So these are some tips I accumulated through the years on how to use the principle less is more to live a more fullfiled and richer life! Hope they helped! Leave a comment below if you use any of these and how they help you live your life to the fullest potential!


Mignon Cobra