Does Working Out mean you’re relapsing?

This was a big question I faced after I got better. I was 20 lbs heavier. I had made my peace with my new thicker body. Even was wearing my new bigger clothes. And I felt happy with the fat. But I did feel bored and antsy without a gym to release my extra energy.

I wondered…was I allowed to go back to working out? I mean, before I used working out a a tool to slim down. Now I just…missed working out for the sake of working out.

However, I was a bit terrified to work out, because, what if I just completely relapsed and went back to my old ways? Got addicted to the results?

The alternative was not moving at all. And I’ll be real, it was borderline depressing. There was only so much video editing, and reading on the phone I could handle before I felt antsy. Going for a walk helped but it wasn’t that much fun.

I missed the pump and the grind of a workout. The sweat, the hustle and the push of lifting weights, and moving on the treadmill.

So I figured, I’d ease back into it. I figured between being a depressed couch potato, or a gym rat, the gym lifestyle wasn’t looking too bad anymore.

I gave myself some guidelines so I didn’t get obsessed. Under no circumstances would I ever push myself if I felt tired or sick. If I felt unwell, I was allowed to skip the gym.

I also made rest days mandatory. I HAD to make a day where I didn’t work out. Every 4th day. What day I wanted, that was up to me. But respect the rest day, I must.

I also decided to just take it easier in the gym. I wanted to go more for lower weight, higher reps. I just wanted to enjoy myself.

So these 2 weeks, I have returned to the gym. I run about 2 times a week, and lift my baby weights. I have two rest days.

In addition, I don’t work out fasted. I lose too much weight that way, and I’m not using working out as a weight loss tool. I’m just using it as a fun activity to do after class.

I also eat a lot more, so working out is good for me. I used to under eat and still work out like a maniac. Not anymore!

I also do more stretching and cool downs. And I do yoga stuff more too. Like just body weight. I feel very content. And I haven’t relapsed. Why? Because I’m not going hard enough to lose any weight, mostly just tone up, and get in that cardiovascular movement that releases endorphins and you feel happy. I’m also happy in my body and that makes working out a joy, no longer a punishment.

Let me know what you guys think!

Mignon Cobra

Published by Mignon Cobra

Hey there! My name is Mignon Cobra. I am from Toronto, Canada and now I live between Taiwan and China. Between being in dentistry school, I spend my spare time working on my youtube channel, my novels, and writing blog posts. My favorite topics of interest are makeup, minimalism, and money! (And writing too) I would love it if you left me comments or feedback with your thoughts, I love interacting with others! XOXO Mignon Cobra My socials are youtube @ Mignon Cobra instagram @ Mignon Cobra Wattpad @ Mignon Cobra

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