Do I remember all the things I decluttered?

I don’t remember every single one but I do remember most. I suppose it’s because from the beginning of my minimalism journey, I only had a dorm room of stuff I could declutter from. So I can remember most of them.

There’s this idea out there in the trending minimalism that, you can declutter all you want, you will never regret anything you declutter! And if you do, you can just go out and re-buy it. So I went decluttering crazy. In my current thought process, it all seems really wasteful and waste of money. And turns out there are things that I do regret decluttering, but I am NOT going to spend more money again to buy them.

(photo: All the beautiful, beautiful makeup I regret decluttering).

I also have photos of all the things I did declutter. And surprising, I did end up replacing similar items back into my life. Turns out, in the end, getting rid of things that made me happy didn’t make me any happier.

I had had this idea in my head, that if I got rid of EVERYTHING I owned, even things I loved, I could be lighter and enlightened.

Did it happen? Hm, partly, I suppose. I was more lighter when I traveled, but I did miss my beloved stuff. So I became enlightened, a life without the things that bring you joy, is no life at all.

It’s like that Buddhism story of the student monk who asks his teacher, is he a better monk now that he has no attachments? His teacher says no, it’s about balance, not too much, not too little.

So this is what happened to me. I asked myself this question last night because of an interesting thing that had happened.

I was digging in that drawer that everyone has. The one with the used toothbrushes to clean the shoes and other random stuff.

I happened to find 4-5 “decluttered makeup brushes” that I had decluttered last year. Before, when I decluttered ,I threw things into the trash.

I had totally forgotten about these brushes and I felt super super excited. I had missed these particular brushes and I felt happy to find them again. And I remembered, I was really glad toward the end, I stopped decluttering and instead storing away the few last items I was on the fence about.

I had recently been having the urge to buy some makeup brushes, but I had everything I need, so obviously, I can’t buy any.

Yet, I still had this stranger desire, to paint my makeup with some different brushes, you?

And lo-and-behold, I manifested that with my mind! Lol, just kidding. They were just sitting in a drawer.

So after my delightful discovery, I began to see what items I could recall to memory that I decluttered. Let’s see.

– one maroon colored MK travel tote that my ex had given me for my birthday. I loved that bag with all my heart but I read some where that when you declutter, you must declutter all gifts from ex’s. In retrospective, I can safely say, that is entirely bullshit. If you keep a lovely item from them, it doesn’t mean you’re still in love with them or can’t move on. Just be practical. And maybe I only regret it because it was expensive…

– 2 pink simple basic Ts from H&M. I wore them every single day, until they were worn out, 2 years of non stop useage. They were my minimalism uniform in my most radical days. Now…I think it’s fine to wear a variety of clothes. I don’t need to only wear black or all my shirts have to be a pink color.

– Brand new un-opened makeup. I decluttered it because I thought “I’m so mature, I am so enlightened, I don’t need to wear makeup!” BAH-HAH. Omg, so so stupid. I then went 2 years without makeup. Turns out, I craved makeup and in the end, I went back to it. And now I cry when I think how I stupid spent my Chinese New Year red pocket money on Etude House foundation that I just went and threw in the trash because I was a “non-makeup wearing minimalism”. So stupid. Thankfully, I will never be wasteful like that again. I keep all my makeup until I finish it. Every last powder and foundation.

– My YSL cushion case. I also loved this. But when I was a vegan, I decluttered all my cruelty makeup. So my precious (and expensive) YSL cushion case was thrown out. All the stupid things I did in the name of this lifestyle or that lifestyle. Being radical is expensive.

The moral of the story is, sometimes we make mistakes along the way because we figure things out. If I could go back, I’d stop myself from decluttering those items. But its life’s tuition that we must pay.

Let me know if you guys remember or have any regrets about things you’ve decluttered?


Mignon Cobra

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