I picked this up at Watsons in Taipei, Taiwan. It was on sale, got it for 750 Taiwanese dollars. It’s like 31 Canadian. I checked the Korean price. The same. Yay.

This one is the limited edition of the “simply pink” series. God, I love anything limited edition. I never buy the regular stuff, just the limited edition stuff lol It’s pink and sooooo pretty!

I was debating between a foundation or a cushion. I prefer cushions (even though it’s less grams / dollar) because I can wear it around and I hate cleaning the beauty blenders but never the cushion puffs. I’m so weird. I also love how easier it is to store the cushion.

So I have never tried anything from Clio , or the Kill Cover line. I’ve watched a bunch of reviews on youtube though. So I was like, okay, it has amazing reviews. Let’s try it.

Cushions that I have used in the past are the Missha (No. 21), La Neige (No. 21), Ysl (shade 40). I looked up the shades. There are three shades, and 3-BY is in the middle.

Bought it, and tried it (lol risky, right?). It comes with a refill. My skin type is oily combination. I have some hormonal acne on my chin and forehead due to getting over my eating disorder and getting my period back. So it’s lumpy there with redness, but the coverage was amazing.

I’m a minimalist, so let’s keep it simple. It’s amazing. Def a re-buy.

-smells really good. Like a light, ampoule smell.
– cover is amazing. Buildable. (Note: 2 layers looks more on the cake side).
– lasts ALL day
– aesthetics is amazing. It’s pink. I love it!!
– puff is really good. Less spongy (less wasting of product) than innissfree.
– great color match to my skin
– no creasing
– the shine is a healthy foundation glow. Not very Matt though, like the packaging says. It’s like a semi-mart. Still really nice.
-comes with a re-fill
-color is a true to skin color. Nothing ashy like what bb creams used to be in the early 2000’s
-it’s sooo affordable, compared to other cushions. I love it’s a mid point price but the pay off is amazing!
– the sponge for the foundation is the right size of holes. If it’s too big or small, I don’t like how the product goes to waste.
-it canceled the redness of my hormonal acne.

– not too Matt. More of a shine. Can be bad if you have or don’t like an oilier look.
– can quickly build to a cakey look cuz it is more on the full coverage side. It’s not sheer like other cushions

Rating? 4.5/5

It’s really, really good. It’s on the same level as La neige and YSL in my opinion. Much better than Missha. And it’s really affordable! I love, love, love it. Any downside? If you don’t like high coverage cuz it can get cake if you don’t use a light hand. I’m really picky about foundation and this one, looks AMAZING! No regrets at all! ^_^


Mignon Cobra


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Hey there! My name is Mignon Cobra. I am from Toronto, Canada and now I live between Taiwan and China. Between being in dentistry school, I spend my spare time working on my youtube channel, my novels, and writing blog posts. My favorite topics of interest are makeup, minimalism, and money! (And writing too) I would love it if you left me comments or feedback with your thoughts, I love interacting with others! XOXO Mignon Cobra My socials are youtube @ Mignon Cobra instagram @ Mignon Cobra Wattpad @ Mignon Cobra

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